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Foot It, birding by foot

Hi, I’m northernloon and I live close to the centre of Leeds. Much of the area is densely built-up but there are two reasonably sized parks within easy walking distance. However, the saving grace is that I live in the Aire valley; the river and the Leeds-Liverpool Canal are only half a mile away.

I’ve drawn a massively optimistic radius on the map mainly because of the easy walking along the towpath. This should allow me get to a couple of reasonable woodland areas. My focus will be on the Aire valley corridor heading northwest. Depending on the weather I may venture north along the Meanwood valley trail. Apart from this quadrant I don’t expect to visit anywhere to the east or south.

As for my expected total I have to say it is very much a guess. It comes to the suspiciously round number of 60 species. And having just reviewed it, it looks rather unlikely. 50 species is probably much more realistic but then it wouldn’t be a challenge would it?


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